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As vineyard owners for 50 years, we understand that the creation of fine wine requires close collaboration between the grower and the winemaker. The winemaker's role in the process is clearly the factor that turns great grapes into great wines. What do we as the grower bring to the bottle?

The Wolcott Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, CaliforniaThe first factor is location. In the Dry Creek Valley located in northern Sonoma County, a unique combination of geography, geology, climate and other relevant factors provide us with a starting point that gives the grapes a distinct quality advantage.

A second factor is attention to detail. Through Bevill Vineyard Management, our vineyard manager, we have insured that vineyard practices are at the highest level. Sustainable viticulture has been the norm in our vineyard for years.

The third factor is flexibility. We are willing to work with the winemaker to factor in their needs, the ever-changing growing conditions and new farming techniques.

Over the years, our grapes have consistently gone into fine wines. Top wineries such as Dry Creek Vineyards, Simi, Seghesio, Coppola, Passalacqua and Amphora are producing wines from our grapes.

The quality of their wines speaks to many things, but starts with the soil and care at the Wolcott Vineyard.

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